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We are beyond stoked to share with you ‘A Rising Tide- The India Surf Story’ a short documentary surf film we created with Mosambi Juice Productions in association with Quiksilver India!

‘A Rising Tide’ is a short documentary surf film, created by Indian surfer/filmmaker trio Tushar Pathiyan, Ishita Malaviya and Krish Makhija in association with Quiksilver India.

In a country with a population of 1.2 billion and just over a hundred surfers, the film sets out to explore the journey of some of India’s pioneer surfers, their humble surf beginnings and their deep connection with the ocean.

Through interviews with local watermen we celebrate the joy of riding waves and the aloha spirit of the Indian surf tribe. As the numbers of surfers in the country keep growing each day, we hope that these stories may never be lost and shall help create a deeper sense of surf community in India.

The first documentary surf film to come out of India, ‘A Rising Tide’ features pioneer surfers Mukesh Panjanathan, Jack ‘Swami’ Hebner, Velu Murugan, Satyaraj Das, Tushar Pathiyan, Ishita Malaviya, Kishore Kumar, Kiran Kumar, Spandan Banerjee, Rahul Malaney, Shamanth Kumar, Murthy Megavan, Melville Anthony Smythe, Kalyan Raithi, Hari Varma, D. Anudeep and Nissam Yoshikawa.

We hope you enjoy watching this film! These stories deserve to be shared, so please spread the love!  😀





Here’s a little video clip we made of our fun, morning surf session today! Check it out Amigos! 😀



This past week was amazing for us. We got to hang with Aussie pro surfer CHIPPA WILSON and his film crew- STEFAN HUNT, RUSSEL BROWNLEY and JOSH SECOMB, while they filmed what’s going to be the best campaign FCS has ever seen!

Fortunate fools that we are, Tushar and I got to accompany the crew to Kerala, to scout some bigger waves (and we did it in style! First class yow!)

I guess praying to the Surf Gods helped because not only did our train arrive on time, but the waves were pumping at ED’s local break. This was no ordinary morning. Picture Ed, Tushar and I hooting and screaming from behind the scenes as we watched Chippa land some insane airs. We were living life in HD!

As if watching him wasn’t enough, Tushar even got to surf Chippa’s board! He caught one awesome ride and that was enough to make his trip. I wasn’t so lucky. Does catching two half waves count as one? 😛 I guess it was a little reassuring to know that even Chippa was finding it a bit hard to surf those waves. He still surfed like a pro!

Just so you know how crazy it was, this is how many boards we damaged that day:
Chippa- broke 2 boards beyond repair.
Tushar- broke a nose off Ed's board and lost a fin off another one.
Ishita- chipped off a chunk of the board rail.

After an awesome night in Kerala it was time to say bye to Ed, Sofie and their ambassador and head back to Manipal to film Chippa with the Kodi Bengre surf crew.

The kids were super stoked because they got to bunk school and be in the video. Obviously they or their parents had no idea who Chippa was. So we told them he was Australia’s surfing Sachin Tendulkar! That did the trick.

Just mucking around in the water with everyone, has got to be one of the best sessions we’ve had at Kodi Bengre. Chippa even got our 5 yr old grommet Dixit to catch a couple of waves. Never seen the kid more stoked!

Going in for this experience, we had no idea what to expect, but after hanging with these guys for just a couple of days we found them to be some of the most genuine and down to earth people we’d ever met. We’re so stoked we got to hang out with these legends. It made us wonder if the rest of the surfing world is just like them 🙂