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We had some serious National Geographic stuff go down at the Shaka Shack today!  So, we were clearing out some weeds this morning in front of the shack (because we had called the mason to cement the big wall, that faces the beach) and all of a sudden the mason screamed that he got bit by a Snake!!.. A big, poisonous snake!! First we were like, “is he serious?” and then we all started freaking out!

Watch videos 1 & 2 to see how it all went down!

Okay, so turns out, it wasn’t poisonous, but it was a PYTHON!!! We were pretty stoked that we were able to get it into the garbage can. And from the looks of it, it didn’t seem like it could get out of the garbage can!

So, for the rest of the day, our shack became a mini-zoo and we had kids and families, all coming by to see the village python! But, the story doesn’t end there!!! No No No!!

The plan was to bring it back to Manipal in the evening and set it free in the valley behind our building. But, before we did that, Tushar wanted to see it feed on something. So, we had another brilliant idea to bring it home! .. Yes.. Home!! By the time we got back, it was a little too late and we figured we’d just set it free in the morning.

So, before I sat down to write this very blog post, I went to the hall to ask Tushar to come up with a title for the video. This is how our conversation played out:

Ishita: “Dude! What should I name the video?”

Tushar: “I dunno! Why don’t you ask the python?”

Both our heads turn towards the garbage can…

Tushar: “Dude! Why is it outside?”

Seconds later…

Ishita: “#@*^!!  #@*^!!  #@*^!!  #@*^!!  #@*^!!”

Tushar:”#@*^!!  #@*^!!  #@*^!!  #@*^!!  #@*^!!”

Remember how we mentioned earlier that the snake couldn’t get out of the can? Well, WE WERE WRONG!!!

The python was actually sitting on top of the can, because “SOMEONE” left the lid slightly open so it wouldn’t suffocate to death!

It wasn’t moving much, so Tushar grabbed a broom and tried pushing it back into the can! Before we knew it, it jumped on the floor and was running all over the place! Do you have any idea how scary it is to watch a python running free in your house???!!

Tushar tried catching it with two sticks, but everything was slippery! The floor was slippery, the brooms were slippery, the damn snake was slippery… And then just like that, Tushar was possessed by Steve Irwin’s spirit and he decided,

“to hell with the brooms, I’m gonna catch it with my hand!”

And like a pro, he first pinned its head to the ground with a stick, sneaked up behind it, grabbed it by its neck and then safely returned it to its garbage can!!!!

He friggin grabbed the friggin python!!! If you’re wondering what I was doing all this while… I was watching from a safe distance haha!!

What a CRAZY DAY! Wish we could have gotten a video of the madness at home 😛