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Super Cape- Ablibites Workshop!

Beyond the Surface International and Super Cape-abilities came down to The Shaka Surf Club , to show us that everyone can be a super hero!!

Super Cape-abilities headquarters believes that every single person on this planet has a super power – that force that transcends time and stands each individual in their element. But to become a super hero, we first need to understand ourselves and our own potential.



It has been so amazing working with our good friend Emi Koch and her NGO Beyond the Surface International! (<– follow her here) She fit right into our little Shaka Family and we’ve been busy with some fun and exciting projects with kids from our surf club!

This one is an upcycling initiative! Over a course of two weeks we conducted regular beach clean-ups, and collected hundreds of plastic bottles, rubber slippers and heaps of trash. These materials were then converted into bricks, to construct a beautiful bench for our good friend Arun’s sea-food restaurant right on the beach. The project was a huge success and we’re so proud of our young groms!

Yeww check it out! 😀