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Seems like we’re in the business of shocking the villagers of Kodi Bengre. First they knew us as the fools who went swimming in the ocean and surfed big waves. Then, we were the fools who converted a 30 year old abandoned bar, into a surf shack. Now, we’re responsible for creating a new landmark in the village!

Ever since we set up the shaka shack, we had been dreaming of painting a surf mural on one if its walls. Call it coincidence or destiny, we recently had the good fortune of meeting an amazingly talented graffiti artist from Serbia, named Artez, who just so happened to be doing an internship in Manipal!

We were stoked to have found an artist and he was even more stoked to have found an empty wall! Over the course of three days, we watched his ideas come to life as he painted from sunrise to sunset (occasionally taking a break to go surf of course!) and realized the truth in his painting : Our roots are in the ocean! 😀

Thank you Artez for making our wall look so awesome! It looks better than we could have ever imagined!

For those of you want to check out more of Artez’ graffiti, click here!