About Us

The Shaka Surf Club is all about freedom in the waves, good vibes, not taking things too seriously and learning to just go with the flow.

The Shaka Surf Club is based in the small fishing village of Kodi Bengre, on the west coast of Karnataka, India. It was started in 2007, by two stoked fools named Tushar Pathiyan and Ishita Malaviya.

We are one of the first surf schools in India and are passionate about promoting the sport and culture of surfing in the country! We provide beginner level surf lessons, surfboard rentals, and camp out at the beach every chance we get!

The Shaka Surf Club aims to get more people in the water, by educating them about the ocean, and dispelling fears of the ocean that are deep rooted in the Indian society. We try to combine humanitarian work with surfing and provide under-privileged youth with an opportunity to experience the joy of surfing!

We started the surf club to share our stoke of surfing with all the good folk who cross our wave-filled path. We welcome people of all ages, hailing from all places to come surf with us in India!


3 responses


    I read about you in Indian Express Dt.13-04-2012 & i got interest and called Thushar.I soon join your club………Very Kind of you.Yours is great work….

    April 16, 2012 at 11:19 AM

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