Django Unchained Project!

We spotted Django a few months back as a pup close to The Shaka Surf Club dragging her back legs on the concrete ,bleeding from her legs and living in the shadows. We tried tempting her with biscuits but she was too scared of people to even come take the biscuit. After many failed attempts we decided the only way was to chase her down and catch her!

The next time we spotted her, it was go time! Vishal, Shaan, Deekshith and I (Tushar) got  a bedsheet , a cardboard box and began the chase. Django was bad ass (hence the name) and was way harder to catch than we thought! After almost half an hour of running through the village from one house to the other we managed to catch her and bring her back to Camp Namaloha! She was scared but at the same time realized we were not there to hurt her!

Our neighbors, Shibanraj (super rad surfer) and his family love dogs just as much as us and as soon as we got django to the camp Shiban’s mom immediately got some herbal medicine and cleaned her wounds.

The next day we worked on the wheel chair but Django was not strong enough the test it out, she was also way too tiny. Fast forward four months , after living and being cared for by all the groms at the surf club and especially Sadasiva and Shubha ( Shibanraj’s mom n dad) Django looked ready to test out the wheel chair we had made months back. This is the video of that trial run we did, stay tuned for the final wheel chair!!



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