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Summer’s here and the schools are closed for summer vacation. There’s nothing better than having the Kodi Bengre kids surf with us almost everyday now. It’s been seven months since they started surfing and they’ve already improved so much! For starters, no one uses the life jacket anymore!

I still remember the day we first took 11 year old surfer girl Tejaswini surfing. She couldn’t swim and was terrified of being in the water. She’s come such a long way since then. It felt SO GOOD today to watch her grab a board and paddle into the waves on her own, without even looking back to check if we were watching. She caught some epic waves and looked so cool doing it! I can’t tell you how happy it made us 😀

She’s such a fighter too. No matter how badly she wipes out, she hops back on her board and paddles in for another wave. I love that about her! Did you know she also ranked first in her class this semester? SO PROUD of her! 😀



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